Seedrs win at Web Summit

The Start-Up Competition at the London Web Summit brought out a GREAT and very inspiring line up of young hopefuls (outshone only by the 4 and 6 year olds learning to code in the CodeDojo – that was pretty amazing).

There were 150 applicants shortlisted to the final 20 who all gave passionate pitches of their companies to a panel of five industry experts. The line up included:

  • Seedrs
  • Uberlife
  • Planvine
  • Nurph
  • ClickSlide
  • Boxcryptor
  • Blottr
  • Tweek
  • 180km Limited
  • CrowdIPR
  • Six3
  • Achoo
  • WorkFu
  • MarketYou
  • TestCloud
  • DeadSocial
  • Gauss
  • Pipe
  • Arnav
  • BusyFlow

Winning the competition by a long shot however was Seedrs who took home a £50,000 convertible note, legal and advisory services, and £14,000 in hardware from HP…prize money worth £100k - not bad for a day’s work! Quite a fitting prize too, as Seedrs is a company trying to democratize funding by crowdsourcing it.

It allows individuals to invest as little as £10, and as much as £100,000, in startups that use its platform. They then handle the administrative tasks, making the process manageable for all parties. Seedrs is looking to help startups raise just £100,000. According to the company, 'A vast number of entrepreneurs need £100,000 or less to take their 'first step' before launching or seeking later-stage capital. For most entrepreneurs – including highly-talented ones – this is the toughest capital to access.' That issue is what they are setting out to fix.

The company had already raised nearly £1,000,000 prior to their London Web Summit win – we’re sure the exposure will be great for this innovative model and we’ll be keeping an eye on their progress with interest!

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