See first four minutes of new Borat film

...on YouTube of course. As unloved as he is by the Kazakhstan government, Borat the movie is due to grace our silver screens on the 2nd November.

If you're the one person in Britain who hasn't ever seen Borat's shenanigans, have a look at his interviewing style as he uncovers life at Cambridge University.

WebTwitcher is rather unnerved to learn today that Sacha Baron Cohen was toying with the idea of banning Jewish journalists from attending his press conference in London as a media stunt. Perhaps one step too far for a few lines of ink?

If you're a fan and you want a Borat-flavoured feed on your MIX page, have a look at Borats Khram, a site dedicated to the king of cutting edge Kazakhstani journalism. It has an RSS feed you can use for adding the latest content on to your personalised homepage. You can read a bit of background information about the political debate behind the film on the Daily Mail.


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