Second Kinect peripheral of the day

We love Kinect, we do. Who wants to hold a pesky WiiMote when you can control a game just by flailing your arms about?

But Kinect does have its disadvantages - notably that it can't be used in small rooms. But to every nail there is a hammer, and to every problem a little plastic solution - and the solution to that problem has come along, in the form of the Nyko Zoom.

A little piece of plastic with a couple of lenses in, it's essentially a magnifying glass for Kinect - that makes it work in smaller rooms. The makers reckon it reduces the space needed in the room for Kinect to work by 40%, and the blog CrunchGear reckons they're right. 'We tested it and it worked quite well, sensing us in positions that would normally be impossible in a regular room,' they say. 'It costs $29 – a bit pricey for a piece of plastic – but if you live in a small, cramped apartment it may be a great solution for increased Kinect play.'

Check it out:

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