We check out the best prices on second hand Wii consoles

It may be one of the most popular past times in the world right now, but there can be absolutely no denying that playing video games is an expensive hobby often out of the grasp of many. Not only do you need to pay anywhere up to £40 just to play the latest releases, but you'll also need to pay out a big once off sum for each console you decide to buy.

The cost of gaming is something that can put a huge strain on many families, especially given the fact that kids simply can't understand why it is that all their friends can have the latest console but they can't.

Fortunately the announcement that there will be a brand new console from Nintendo, to be known as the Wii U, launching in 2012 has resulted in a huge decrease in the price of the original Wii.

When the system launched initially it cost £179.99, a price that stayed like that up until very recently, when it was announced in May that the price was to be cut to just £99.99. While that's not a bad price, it is still a little out of the price range of many for a luxury item, however there are more savings to be made by checking out the second hand market.

While we don't recommend buying consoles second hand from individuals or from auction sites like eBay, we have no problem giving you the green light to pick up a console second hand from Game.

As one of the UK's leading video game retailers, you can be sure you'll be getting a machine with absolutely no problems, and in the unlikely event something goes wrong you'll be covered by their in-store warranty.

With the price of a second hand Wii consoles now standing at just £69.99 in Game stores across the UK, with a copy of Super Mario Galaxy included, there has never been a better time to buy.

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