We check out some great deals available to second hand mobile phone buyers

Not everyone feels the need to be on the very cutting edge of technology at all times, which is precisely why the second hand market for mobile phones is booming right now. With so many people out there seemingly addicted to keeping up to date with the very latest in mobile phone technology, it's no surprise that there has been huge growth in the number of deals available for second hand mobile phone buyers to take advantage of.

In a time where a top of the range phone can cost as much as £500 brand new on launch day, it's not surprising that there are plenty of people out there who are a little uncomfortable about simply discarding their phones in a corner to gather dust as soon as the latest version hits the stores. Instead, they are much more likely to put the phone up for sale on Craigslist, Amazon Marketplace or eBay.

If you have never used any of these services and aren't particularly internet savvy, then we recommend you use the Marketplace over at amazon.co.uk. This feature of Amazon allows users to trade goods between each other while availing of the protection for both buyers and sellers afforded by Amazon. While eBay is the biggest site on the net for used item sales, the Amazon Marketplace is by far the most user friendly option around.

Whichever of our stated options you decide to run with, you'll be able to pick up a real bargain if you keep your eye out and are careful about reading the listings correctly. We recommend that you stick to SIM unlocked phones, since these are guaranteed to work with any network, and you can be positive that you're not going to have compatibility issues down the line.

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