Searching for sun

WebTwitcher is suffering from a serious lack of sunlight, what with being deskbound during the day, missing out on the rays from the strange orange ball that appeared in our skies for a few days. So a holiday is rapidly being planned before autumn nights start setting in. In true community spirit, here's how I'm doing it on the MIX.

Lastminute.co.uk will keep you up to date with the best deals if you want to grab a bargain as will Holiday Lettings which will send its latest offers updated regularly. If you don't know your Faliraki from your Fiskardo check out the Times Online Travel and The Lonely Planet feeds for insightful tips to stop you booking a trip to 'Napa instead of Napa Valley. For an indispensable online travel bible, Excite UK's travel channel is a one stop shop for comprehensive international travel knowledge.

WebTwitcher's current favourite is Ardvark Travel - the forums are addictive. If there any other good forums / blogs for the intrepid traveller please post here.


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