Get a 4GB SDHC memory card for less than a tenner!

If you have a digital camera, camcorder or games console you are probably already very familiar with SD memory cards for storing your important files and photos. The next generation, the SDHC memory card – which stands for ‘secure digital high capacity’ – is a must for the latest technology as it can transfer data at higher speeds.

We had a look around and came across some excellent offers – a 4GB memory card for less than £10!

PNY Optima 4GB – This SDHC memory card has a Class 4 speed capacity but can also work with Class 2 host gadgets. It has a lifetime warranty and is being offered through the currys.co.uk website at £8.99.

Lexar 4GB SDHC – This Class 2 Lexar card can be used with a wide range of digital devices and is specifically designed to work with SDHC enabled cameras. It is available from johnlewis.com and is priced £9.95.

Integral SDHC memory card – This is a Class 4 card, which is perfect for saving high definition photos. It is compatible with SDHC devices and has a five year warranty. It comes in a protective case and costs £9.99 from argos.co.uk.

Transcend 4GB SDHC – The Transcend is a high spec Class 10 memory card, which is compatible with SD 2.0 standard devices, Class 10 compliant gadgets and all SDHC host technology. Its many features include auto standby, sleep, integral error correcting code, in system programming and content protection for recordable media. It is currently on sale through amazon.co.uk at £5.59.


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