Scrub your Facebook profile with Socioclean

Been for a new job recently? Didn't get it? Bad luck. What with the economy and all, competition in many areas has never been so fierce. But what if something you didn't think of doomed your application? Sure, you interviewed well, and your CV was scrubbed of typos. But did you think to check your Facebook profile?

That's crazy, we hear you cry. What could possibly be on my Facebook profile that would put off an employer? Well, there's that message from your friend talking about how drunk you were at the weekend... and that picture of you in your girlfriend's knickers... and that status you posted a couple of weeks ago about how mashed you were on various drugs...

See what we mean?

Enter Socioclean. This regrettably-named service might sound like some sort of ethnic cleansing agency, but it's actually a nifty Facebook app which scans your profile and tells you if there's anything dodgy on it. References to drinking or drugs, swearing, and blasphemy are all flagged up for you to delete - or not, as you like. And you're given a grade on your employer-friendliness.

Of course, you could just make your statuses and friends' comments invisible to non-friends and save all the hassle. But if you're committed to living life in public, it might be worth giving Socioclean a whirl to see if you're committing career suicide while doing it.

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