Scrabulous removed from Facebook UK

It was fun while it lasted but Scrabulous has now been removed from Facebook in the UK after international copyright holder Mattel asked the social networking site to disable the popular application. It can now only be played via Scrabulous.com.

Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla, the creators of Scrabulous, have hit back with a new game called Wordscraper. So far the new entry has attracted 249,000 active monthly users, but it is still a long way short of the 500,000 daily users that Scrabulous managed to attract.

Over 370,000 Facebook users have simply switched over to EA's official version of Scrabble which was launched a couple of months back. The fully licensed Scrabble game seems to have miraculously replaced Scrabulous in the apps list on Facebook. However, it remains to be seen if EA's official version can match Scrabulous' meteoric rise to popularity.

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