Scrabulous developers hit back with Wordscraper

The creators of Scrabulous, the unofficial online version of Scrabble, have devised an ingenious way to get around their ongoing legal battle Hasbro. The Agarwalla brothers suspended Scrabulous in North America earlier this week after Hasbro opened legal proceedings for breach of copyright.

But yesterday the Calcutta-based developers hit back with a new Facebook app called Wordscraper. The new application allows the user to design a custom board which can be set up to resemble a game of Scrabble featuring "double word" and "triple letter" tiles.

Scrabulous fans have been up in arms ever since the game was disabled in North America and the response to Hasbro and Electronic Arts' official version of the popular word game has been lukewarm. But it remains to be seen if they will embrace Wordscraper which has so far registered just 3,569 daily users.

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