Scrabble worldwide online; everything you want from a scrabble game

For years now Scrabble fans have been looking for a Scrabble worldwide online game and finally there is one out there. While this may not be an official release it is hugely popular because it is so good.

Scrabbly is a Scrabble clone release by Word Squared. It is a genius idea to bring Scrabble to the masses. They have made an infinitely growing board that you can play on until you run out of words or letters. You can basically keep expanding forever as long as you can manage to keep yourself in the game.

There are a few key things that you can do to increase your chances to stay in the game. The more words you get the more points you earn. These points can be traded against 'Swap Tiles' and 'Teleports.'

The Swap Tile allows you an entirely new set of tiles. This is great is you get stuck with too many 'Qs' or no vowels. The teleport allows you to abandon your current progress and re-start with the same points on the board. This is a real life save if you have used up all the possibilities on your previous words.

The best part of the whole experience is the fact that it is an MMO. This basically means other real life people are playing at the same time as you on the board. This introduces a whole new competitive element to Scrabble that has never existed. Now people can steal words and combos if they are quick enough.

This is not just some knock-off version of Scrabble this is better than the real deal. If you like Scrabble then Scrabbly is the game for you. All of your Scrabble Worldwide online games realised by Word Squared, check them out (wordsquared.com).


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