Sarah Palin's email hacked by Anonymous

Republican vice-presidential candidate and hockey-mom Sarah Palin has had her Yahoo! email account hacked by Anonymous. The group of internet mischief makers, best known for its online battle with the Church of Scientology, took screenshots of a number of Palin's emails and passed them onto internet whistle blower Wikileaks.

Wikileaks defended its decision to publish the screenshots even though some of the emails appear to be personal in nature. The whistle blowing site said that Palin was breaking federal law by using a private email account to conduct official correspondence.

According to the Guardian, the FBI are now investigating into how the account was hacked. The Alaska governor's email address, gov.palin@yahoo.com, was published in the Washington Post a few days ago and some security experts think that the account may have been hacked through password guessing alone.

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