Samsung's Series 3 is slim, attractive - and affordable

Here at Digitaledge we love the new wave of slim, sexy laptops. Laptops like Apple's MacBook Air and Samsung's Series 9. But while they're light and easy to slip into a bag, and they look great, these laptops do have one big disadvantage - they're pricey. The MacBook Air, for example, starts from £867.

But it looks like Samsung hope to change all that. They're reportedly preparing to launch a new laptop line, the Series 3, that will combine thin cases and an attractive brushed-metal look, all for a mid-range price. 'These budget friendly lappies are anything but cheap looking or feeling,' reports Engadget, who got their hands on one at a recent trade show.

The range will run from 11.6-inches right the way up to 15.6 inches, and though the full details of the specs aren't available yet, word is the range will start at around $499 in the US - which should translate to under £450 in the UK. It seems thin, shiny laptops aren't just for big spenders any more - hurrah!

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