Samsung's 3G Instinct to challenge the iPhone

The people over at Yahoo!Tech are creaming themselves over Samsung's 3G Instinct, hailing it as the potential asteroid collision to bring an end to the iPhone's Cretaceous period. After a rigorous vox pop held at DigitalEdge's containment facility on Themisto, the general consensus is that the iPhone is lovely. So what has the Instinct got to offer?

Well according to Yahoo!Tech, "the Instinct (set for release in mid-June) looks like a virtual clone of the iPhone, but it delivers many of the features missing from Apple's red-hot handset, including 3G access for speedy browsing and downloads, a replaceable battery, expandable memory, and haptic feedback for the touchscreen - that is, a slight vibration each time you tap the screen. This key feature is sorely missing on the iPhone."

Haptic vibration? There must be more to it than that to warrant all of the hyperbole, though no? Back over to the people at Yahoo!Tech: "Measuring 4.6" by 2.2" by 0.49", the Instinct is a tad narrower but a bit thicker than the iPhone, and it's also a bit lighter, weighing in at 4.4 ounces. Still, a lot of the UI innovations that I love on the iPhone are right here. Navigating on the touchscreen was a pleasure, and I liked the roulette wheel-like scrolling through long lists of items."

But the Instinct doesn't pass Yahoo's full cavity search with flying colours. "I should point out that the Instinct's Web browser (or at least the version I saw) looked pretty clunky compared to the iPhone's, and the Instinct's POP/IMAP/Outlook Web access messaging won't be able to match the iPhone's upcoming support for Microsoft Exchange servers. There's also the iPhone's potential as a software platform to consider, now that the iPhone SDK is out in the wild."

So is it just another attack of the clones or can Samsung's 3G Instinct actually challenge the iPhone?

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