Samsung takes the crown

It's four years this week since the iPhone made its debut, and it's been a sales sensation ever since, transforming the mobile phone market and bringing smartphones to the masses for the first time. (Well, the non-business masses, anyway.)

But is it starting to lose its appeal? After all, pretty much everyone who wants an iPhone has surely got one by now. The signs are that consumers are starting to shift their attentions to other rival devices - like Samsung's new Galaxy S 2.

According to price comparison site uSwitch, the Galaxy S 2 is more popular than the iPhone 4 - and has been for two months running. The ranking 'draws on sales and popularity stats from Omio's mobile comparison sites,' according to CNET.

Admittedly, the Galaxy S 2 is shiny and new, while the iPhone 4 has been out for a year now. But the white iPhone has only just been released, and besides, previously the iPhone has seemed to have a constant popularity separate from the usual cycle of annual replacements. Still, the news will put pressure on Apple to release details of when it'll reveal the iPhone 5 - we originally thought it would have done so by now...

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