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A Samsung plasma is an excellent choice when looking to buy that new TV. The South Korean electronics manufacturers are amongst the best in the world and have built up an excellent reputation worldwide. They have recently launched their PDP range of television. These televisions are finished to an extremely high standard. The stylish designs and stunning picture quality are just some of the reasons why you should consider a Samsung PDP as your next television.

The 550 50" Full HD 1080P Plasma has a crystal TV design with full HD brilliance. It has a mega dynamic contrast ratio and easily switches to energy mode. Included with this TV is a swivel stand for easy manoeuvring. This item can be purchased from your local electrical retailer or via the Samsung website at samsung.com/uk.

The Samsung 7000 is a 63" Full 3D TV. This TV includes internet@TV, a new way of exploring the internet. This TV offers the ultimate experience in TV viewing. This TV also uses 40% less power than previous models, so you are conserving energy, along with saving on your utility bills! This TV is also available to purchase on the samsung website.

Both these samsung plasma TV's also include an Anynet+ one touch remote control. This controls any Samsung audio or video device connected to the TV via a HDMI or USB port.

Samsung TV's are widely available in electrical shops throughout the country at a range of prices to suit everyone's budget. For more information on any of these plasmas, please visit samsung.co.uk

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