We review the Samsung MX20 XEU Flash Memory Camcorder

The days of lugging around heavy, unsightly rectangles in the name of 'home movie shooting' are well and truly a thing of the past. Remember all the hassle involved in making sure you had the right tapes, your batteries were properly charged and the sacrifices you had to make in terms of inventory in order to bring one of the old-style camcorders with you?

Whether it was on holidays or simply for a family trip, they represented a massive headache. And as if the initial cost wasn't bad enough, you also had to contend with finding the right tapes at the right price, then making sure you kept them all in a safe place. While the videos may have just about made it all worthwhile, it certainly wasn't a pleasant experience.

Fortunately the digital revolution once again stepped in and said enough is enough. When digital camcorders started arriving they were expensive, offered poor image resolution and struggled in low light conditions - which was probably to be expected from new technology.

Things have moved on quite a bit in the last decade though, and now digital camcorders are small, light affairs offering the potential to shoot for hours and hours with a single charge and replacing annoying video cassettes with the infinitely more manageable flash memory card. The only problem remaining is deciding which one to get.

Introducing the Samsung MX20 XEU Flash Memory Camcorder. This compact device fits snugly into the palm of your hand and weighs in at just under 1kg with battery attached. It offers a fantastic 34x optical zoom and impressively long battery life, as well as easy to use interface and all the software you need to take your work from the camera to your PC with no problems at all.

Sitting at the lower end of the price range within the digital camcorder market, the Samsung MX20 XEU Flash Memory Camcorder is easy to recommend thanks to its great picture quality and the fact that it makes everything so straightforward.

If you're looking for a digital camcorder at a great price, then we cannot recommend it enough.

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