Get yourself a Samsung lCD TV!

A Samsung LCD television is an excellent choice when looking to buy that new TV. The South Korean electronics manufacturers are amongst the best in the world and have built up an excellent reputation worldwide. They have recently launched their PDP range of television. These televisions are finished to an extremely high standard. The stylish designs and stunning picture quality are just some of the reasons why you should consider a Samsung as your next television.

The Samsung P2770 is a high quality Full HD 27-Inch LCD TV. With integrated analogue and digital TV tuners, including Freeview, you will be able to view a range of free to air channels on a digital platform. The picture quality and sound on this stylish TV are second to none. There are plenty of connectivity options available on this TV with DVI and HDMI inputs to ensure you can use your display as you like. Blu-Ray players and gaming consoles work extremely well with this TV.

With Dixons.co.uk, this TV can be yours for only £249.99. Dixons give you the offer to bundle the TV with a range of accessories such as a TV mount, HDMI cable or even a Sky+ HD Starter kit. You can save up to £100 by purchasing these extras.

Dixons offer an excellent delivery service for just £9.95 per TV. With Dixons you can pick a time and date to suit you for the arrival of your new LCD TV. Check out dixons.co.uk to view this TV in more detail.

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