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Samsung laptops offer excellent value for money. These South Korean manufacturers certainly know how to build an exceptional PC. You can buy a Samsung laptop in almost any good computer or electrical store.

The Samsung R series is inspired by user friendly technology and is ideal for the whole family to use. These mobile computers are both stylish and reliable and have excellent features and memory included.

The Samsung R730 JB02 is a feature packed, excellent laptop, that features built in wireless networking to help you get your work done quicker. It uses a 2.13GHz CPU processor and an Intel Graphics Video Chipset for all your multimedia needs. See it all on an extremely bright 17.3 inch display. Also with 500 GB hard drive; you can be assured that it has plenty of storage space for all your media, documents and other software.

The Samsung R730 JB02 operates on a Windows 7 Home Premium operating system and also includes a 3 in 1 media card reader. Connectivity options include 3 USB ports and a HDMI port. There is also an integrated webcam with this computer. Samsung offer a standard one year warranty with every laptop for that extra peace of mind.

You can purchase this laptop at most major laptop stores around the country. It can be yours for just £546.14 at laptopshop.co.uk. This company has a range of accessories and insurance options for you to purchase with your new system. Please visit laptopshop.co.uk for more information on this product.

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