Samsung Galaxy S5 Preview

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is eagerly anticipated as it marks Samsung's response to the iPhone 5S. As per usual with highly anticpated products, rumours fly around in all directions about what may or may not be included when the S5 goes on sale. Lets take a look at some of the most exciting possibilities.

Revolutionary Technology to be Included?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is set to be launched at a huge event in London in March 2014 and it is set to be one of Samsung's most extravagant launches in history. The iPhone 5S broke new ground in the battle for smart phone supremacy when launched in 2013 and the response from the next in the S series is going to be crucial to Samsung's continued growth in 2014.

Rumours abound that the Galaxy S5 will ship with retina scanning technology to make the phone more secure. This feature has a level of credence given the iPhone 5S included fingerprint recognition technology that marked a new step in the fight against identity and mobile phone theft. Samsung need to respond with a similarly robust security feature but remains to be seen, however, if Samsung will have sufficiently developed their eye scanning technology to ship with the S5.

Samsung have also been busy developing technology that tracks users head movements and this will compliment their eye scroll technology nicely. Head tracking technology would be handled by the front facing camera and could pick up subtle head gestures like nods and winks as cues to carry out certain tasks. Once again though, this technology is very much in development so it will be interesting to see if Samsung can get it packaged with the S5 launch.

Tough Metal Casing

One, almost certain, feature that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will have though is metal casing. This will make the S5 a lot more tough and durable than previous S modes that used a plastic chassis. The metal will be a specially altered stainless steel that will also be scratch resistant.

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