Samsung Galaxy S5 review

If you're looking for a Samsung Galaxy S5 review, your mobile phone contract must be coming up for renewal. In that case, what makes the Samsung Galaxy S5 the right choice for you? Even if you currently own an S4, don’t assume that the S5 is just an evolution as there are a host of additional features.

Fingerprint scanner

You should probably stop reading any Samsung Galaxy S5 review that goes on and on about the fingerprint scanner feature that's new for this generation of Galaxy phone. Even though it's the headline feature of the device, it's not the only feature worth mentioning.


The battery on the S5 is bigger than its predecessor as is the screen, which is also brighter. There's a quicker processor (2.5GHz quad-core) and more memory (16GB or 32GB). The camera images it produces are sharper and a faster than previous generations and then there's the fingerprint scanner.


The fingerprint scanner is advertised as the killer app on the new S5, but there are questions over whether it's as secure as a conventional password. The fact that your fingerprint smudge will remain on the screen is the issue that security experts have with the technology. They argue that a hacker could take a mould from a smudged fingerprint to get into the phone.


Another complaint that's been going around concerns the phone's conservative looks. Well, generation after generation of iPhones haven't changed shape or altered their look, so we're not surprised that Samsung have followed suit and kept a design language that the market clearly appreciates.

Should you upgrade?

If you're reading this Samsung Galaxy S5 review because you're considering an upgrade from an S4, you're probably wondering if the new device does enough new things to make another 2 year contract worthwhile. As with Apple's iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy devices have developed a bit of a fan-base but don't just upgrade without taking a look at the new device for yourself.

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