Samsung Galaxy S5 possible release date, price and new features

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There are rumours that Samsung will anticipate the launch of its new smartphone after the S4 failed to sell as many as expected. The sequel to the Galaxy S4 therefore needs to be amazing, and Samsung is building attention in view of an early MWC 2014 launch later this month.

The Mobile World Congress launch has been given a massive boost, with the event named Unpacked 5 and being advertised on social networks by the official Samsung Mobile accounts. Virtual invitations have been sent out for the Unpacked 5 event to be held at 8 pm, February 24. Obviously that number 5 is getting everyone to think it is indeed about the new Samsung Galaxy S5.

One thing is for sure: when the new generation of Samsung's top smartphone comes out, it won't be cheap. With the chassis expected to be (finally!) in metal, and a curved display, prices are predicted to be over £500.

Various sources claim that for its S5 Samsung will be ditching polycarbonate chassis in favour of a full aluminium one. Indeed, look and feel it's an area Samsung needs to improve with the Galaxy S5.

After the impressive performance of the 64-bit A7 processor which Apple used for its iPhone 5S it seems that Samsung is after a similar fancy processor by British manufacturer AMR, or so the rumours go. If this is true, in order to take better advantage of a 64-bit processor, the S5 may well come with 4GB of Ram. Other sources though report it may indeed be a 3GB chip, with some even hinting at 8GB.

For what concerns the display, we know that Samsung already uses a screen that is way sharper than what the human eye can actually detect. It seems, however, that the Korean giant is moving up for its S5 to the amazing 2K QHD display – that's a resolution of 2560 x 1440. Which makes perfectly sense as we know that Samsung aims at using 4K for its smartphones in 2015.

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