Samsung Galaxy Fame review

It’s a bit sad how the Samsung Galaxy Fame has been grossly overlooked and underappreciated because of its bigger, media-hyped brother, the Samsung Galaxy S4. But, the Galaxy Fame is one of the most functional Android smartphones in the market, albeit with a relatively small display and less flashy features.

Galaxy Fame features

At first sight, the Samsung Galaxy Fame won’t blow you away with its build. It is actually a stubbier version of the same plastic pebble-shaped design that Samsung pioneered with the Samsung Galaxy S3. However, if you are looking for something powerful and petite with Samsung’s excellent build quality, then the Galaxy Fame is worth a second look.

Many smartphones launching into the market today have big and fast Android systems and sell for around the same price as the Galaxy Fame at £110 on Pay As You Go. But, not many of these smartphones coming into the market run on Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean like the Galaxy Fame. It is actually rare to find a modestly sized smartphone (think screens less than four inches) running the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean these days. The 4.1 Jelly Bean is the fastest and smoothest version of Android yet.

The Samsung Galaxy Fame not only runs on the 4.1 Jelly Bean, but also features an impressive 1GHz processor built-in the compact design with a 3.5-inch display - the same as most iPhones. Samsung doesn’t stuff pointless extras on the Galaxy Fame like it did with the Galaxy S4, but only includes what is essential.

You will find Samsung’s own Apps download store in the Galaxy Fame, which you don’t even have to use. You can simply go to Google Play and stock up on whatever you want from the more than 700,000 apps and games available there. The Galaxy Fame is actually a pretty good bargain because it’s difficult to see how you can go terribly wrong with it!

Galaxy Fame drawbacks

Although a good bargain, the Samsung Galaxy Fame has its fair share of drawbacks. To start with, its single core 1GHz processor can put some people off a little even though the phone whizzes along rather well considering it’s running on one core processor. Moreover, not everyone will like the look and feel of the slippery plastic casing. Fortunately, even if you drop the phone you can rest easy that the plastic casing can withstand the rough and tumble, unlike the delicate glass and metal handiworks on the iPhone and HTC One.

Overall, the Galaxy Fame is a pretty decent phone at its price range. It is especially good if you are fed up with all the bells and whistles of the latest smartphone models and want something less flashy but equally powerful.

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