We check out the Samsung CLP 315W wireless colour laser printer

With printers going for as little as £25.00 for some makes and models these days, it's not surprising that people are starting to be a little more open to adding a new one to their home set up. However the question that we are asked quite often is whether or not it's worth spending a little bit extra on a printer to ensure that you get a quality product.

It's a tough question to answer, since it very much depends on what you're going to use the printer for, but in general you are definitely going to be rewarded for spending a few pounds extra. Take the Samsung CLP 315W wireless colour laser printer for example, it's expensive by printer standards, but it is far and away one of the most reliable printers we have ever come across.

Not only is its print quality far superior to most printers in the price range, but it also has an excellent toner save feature which will enable you use use as much as 30% less ink during your print jobs. Obviously this is one of the major selling points of the Samsung CLP 315W wireless colour laser printer since ink cartridges can be so expensive these days.

One of the down sides is the fact that it is quite slow when printing in full colour. Managing only 4 pages per minute is far from ideal, but if you're looking for quality over quantity then you won't have a problem with spending a little extra time waiting for the print job to finish.

The Samsung CLP 315W wireless colour laser printer can be bought online at amazon.co.uk for just £139.99, that's a saving of £25.00 on the £164.99 RRP - great value for money on an excellent printer that we have no problem in recommending for moderate to heavy print use.

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