Samsung clarifies: sort of

The plot thickens. Yesterday, we told you that Samsung were planning on releasing not one, but two 10.1-inch Android tablets this Spring, both called the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The Korean electro-giant revised its initial design into a thinner, lower-spec version to compete with the iPad 2, but said they still intended to release the old version as well. With the same name. We were confused.

Well, now we've got some clarification of a sort. It seems that it's the new, thinner version that's to get the Galaxy Tab 10.1 name. The older, thicker one - which packs an 8-megapixel camera to help justify the extra heft - is to be called the Galaxy Tab 10.1V. And the V? It stands for 'Vodafone'. The mobile network is set to be the carrier in Europe for the Tab 10.1V, which makes us think Samsung are only releasing it because the deal is already signed and sealed.

So that's good - choice is good, right? Well, here's the bad news: the UK might only be getting the clunky 10.1V, and not the svelte new cut-down version. It seems Vodafone don't want to be undercut by a new version as soon as they've released their version, which seems fair enough - but is bad news for us consumers. “The Galaxy Tab 10.1V remains a Vodafone exclusive and will still be one of the first Android 3.0 devices to launch," a Vodafone spokesman bragged to Pocket-Lint.

Still, besides the beefy camera, the fatty-Tab has another advantage: a pure and unblemished version of Android. By contrast, the new slim version is to have Samsung's TouchWiz skin put on it, which is - how shall we put this? - not necessarily an improvement...

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