We review the Samsung HMX-Q10BP HD camcorder

The Samsung HMX-Q10BP HD camcorder is a slick gadget with great functions and flexibility.

It's just as easy to use with your left or right hand, thanks to the Switch Grip facility with built in G-magnetic sensor, which recognises which way up the camcorder is being held. The fully interactive Smart Touch 3.0 LCD screen, with drag and scroll functions, makes filming and viewing so much fun!

This model has the added advantage of BSI CMOS technology, which is much more sensitive than regular SD camcorders and, coupled with the Schneider Kreuznach HD lens, produces pin sharp images in any lighting conditions as a result. The integral Optical Image Stabiliser cuts down on camera shake so your movies will look smoother even if you are shooting on the move.

The Smart Auto facility has 10 pre-programmed settings so whether you are shooting portraits, close ups, scenery or at night, your gadget will automatically pick the best options for you.

If you fancy getting creative, you can use the black and white special effect or the time lapse setting to film fantastic shots such as a flower blooming or a vibrant sunrise.

This Samsung camcorder is Pictbridge compatible and works with Windows 7, Vista and XP SP2. It's really easy to charge as it has a built in USB port, so all you have to do it hook it up to your PC or laptop to re-power and you should get around 100 minutes of filming action on a single charge.

It comes in black, titan, pink and blue and weighs just 214g including battery, so you'll want to take it everywhere you go!


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