We review the Samsung c10 Camcorder

Camcorders are delightfully one of those products that has come right down in price over the last few years. There's no need to go splashing the cash on a top of the range model, when the most basic, and more importantly, cheap ones, do everything that you could possibly require.

If you're simply looking for a camcorder than can record without overcomplicating, and let you upload to Youtube, then we highly recommend checking out the Samsung c10 Camcorder, it's the perfect "entry level" product for someone just getting to grips with a camcorder.

In this day and age, where Youtube clips are almost as watched as television programs, it's important to know how to shoot and upload your own clips so you never miss out on documenting an important occasion. Electronics companies have realised this, and have strived for simplicity of use with a lot of their models. It's from this that the Samsung c10 Camcorder was born.

This model is very much a "shoot and share" model. It's made for uploading straight to the internet, and even includes a Youtube label, which highlights just how easy you'll have it! It keeps things simple by having just four buttons on the body, so you won't make any mistakes. The lens is also tilted up 25 degrees, so you can film head shots from waist height, saving your arm from fatigue!

It comes with 10x optical zoom, and shoots in an MP4 format, so it can go straight up online without any formatting. It's the perfect cheap and cheerful option!

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