Keep talking on the go with a Samsung Bluetooth headset

If you love nothing better than to chat to friends, family and colleagues on your mobile phone, you might be wondering about investing in a Bluetooth headset.

These handy little gadgets connect via wireless technology to a Bluetooth enabled phone, allowing you to enjoy convenient, hands-free conversations, whether you're gardening, walking, shopping or driving.

There are some great Samsung Bluetooth headset models which work with a range of phones other than Samsung, too. Here are three of the best we found.

  • Samsung WEP 570 – This smooth black headset with LED display comes with an in-car docking charger and is suitable for use with most 2.1 Bluetooth enabled handsets. It has superior sound quality with automatic volume control and offers up to 180 hours on standby and six hours of talk time on a single charge. It operates within a 10 metre range and weighs just 11g. Currently in stock at Argos priced £39.99.
  • Samsung WEP 460 – The elegant 460 has an ergonomic ear bud, which gives the user a comfortable and snug fit, while providing real clarity for conversations. It has an operating range of 33ft, a standby time of 200 hours and a nine hour talk time on each charge. In stock at Tesco priced £24.97.
  • Samsung WEP 210 – Small and shiny, this Samsung Bluetooth headset is the cheapest of our selection, but has lots of excellent features. It weighs just 8.5g and provides up to four hours of talk time, or 70 hours on standby. It provides voice dialling, call reject, call waiting and volume control and a travel charger is included. Available from Sainsbury's priced £9.99.

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