Find the best sale prices for MP3Players in Leinster

Since the launch of the iPod near the end of 2001, the MP3 player has become an almost essential piece of equipment for many of the people of Ireland. The ability to carry around your entire music collection in digitised format has revolutionised the music industry, and presented people with more choice on the go than they have ever had before.

And choice is definitely something that applies not only to the music you listen to, but also to the actual MP3 players themselves. There are a huge amount of them available on the market today, from the shoddy black market rip-offs to high end touch-screen Apple devices making it tough for those who aren't in the know to figure out which one is right for them.

While your gut instinct may be to go for the cheapest one available, the old mantra of "buy cheap, buy twice" certainly applies. The devices you see with price tags that are too good to be true, are generally just that. It pays to spend that little extra knowing that you're getting a well made MP3 player from a manufacturer who knows what they're doing. With that in mind, we've taken a look at some of the prices around the web from Leinster's biggest retailers to find you the best sale prices for MP3Players in Leinster.

Harvey Norman have a great selection of MP3 players from established brands. Great deals with them include the Archos Vision 8GB for just €49, the Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB for €29 and the Sony E Series 16GB for €129.

Old favourites Peats have the Apple iPod Nano for €149, the Sony NWZ-E445 for €129.99 and the Creative Zen X-Fi 2 Series for a mere €109.99!

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