Who has the best sale for laptops in the UK?

Everyone loves a good sale, especially when there's the potential to save large sums of money while buying something as important to your day-to-day life as laptops have become. Given the fact that retailers are doing everything in their power to bring customers through their doors, it's no surprise that the number of outlets offering cut-price forsale laptops in the UK is larger than ever.

Before you dive in head first to any sale, it's always a good idea to understand exactly what you're looking for. When that is applied to laptops, that involves deciding what the main uses for the system will be. If you are just looking for a device to browse the internet, then you can make even bigger savings by buying a netbook. These are low cost, reduced size laptops created specifically for portability and low intensity use.

For many people however, the size of both the screen and keys are prohibitive when it comes to netbooks, so they instead look towards the lower end of the laptop market. These days you can pick up a strong, multi-purpose laptop for very little in comparison to a few years ago.

Things to look out for when buying a laptop are hard drive space , this is the amount of space available for you to save pictures, movies, music or work files to on the computer itself, RAM, otherwise known as memory, but not to be confused with hard drive space, this helps with the overall performance of the machine, processor, the brain of the laptop, in many case this won't be of huge importance unless you intend on running resource heavy software like brand new video games or video editing suites and battery life.

Of the current sales running online, we recommend you check out the ongoing price reductions available from direct.tesco.com, direct.asda.com and www.argos.com.

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