Sale of Digital Camera Accessories in London

Choosing digital camera accesories can be confusing since there are numerous brands and types. If you are not familiar with photo specifications you can get even more confused. Here’s a list of the essential accessories from trustful photography brands so you can make a more informed choice. Since these items are in high demand they are often in sales in different tech stores in London.

AF-S NIKON 50 mm Lens

Nikonis recognised worldwide as one of the top choices for the sale of digital camera accessories in London. Therefore a AF-S Nikon 50 mm Lens is a great choice if you’re looking for a semi-professional lens. This lens is perfect for long distance shooting. Also for taking photos in tough conditions such as when there is poor lighting or when it is raining. It’s compatible with any digital camera of the Nikon AF-S series. Among it's more important features are:

  • Wide aperture. DX format 35mm lens
  • Large maximum aperture of f/1.8
  • SWM (Silent Wave Motor) for fast, quiet autofocus.
  • Two focus modes: M/A (manual-priority autofocus) and M (manual focus).

Kodak Easy Share Printer

The Kodak Easy Share Printer is highly demanded by digital camera owners. It allows you to print your photos taken with a digital camera in a matter of minutes. There’s no need to transfer them to your computer and no need for a large so you can carry it along with you anywhere. It’s only compatible with Kodak digital cameras. Important features:

  • One touch printing
  • High quality full colour image printing
  • Battery Charger
  • SD Memory

Leather Case

Having a leather case is vital to take care of your camera and to assure its functioning in the long term. Leather is the best material to minimise the damage caused by falls or hits. It also will prevent your digital camera from  getting scratches and will help you maintain a clean LCD screen. There are leather cases for any camera size. Another plus of having a leather case is that they usually come with a wrist string for comfortable carrying. You should look for a leather case with various pockets so you can carry your memory cards or your emergency batteries.

Accessory Kit

Making up an accessory kit is the right thing to do when taking care of a camera. The accessory kit consists of a digital camera cleaning kit, a memory cardholder, a mini tripod, a card reader and a Multi USB 2.0. All these elements are necessary for any type of digital camera; buying them all together is a great idea. These accessories are cheap and there’s generally a kit for sale in tech stores. This accessory kit will make your camera last longer.

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