Sage advice

Google+ continues to be the only thing anyone on the internet seems to want to talk about, despite most people's response once registered seeming to be 'meh.' And it seems everyone has a theory on whether Google+ is going to be a success, whether it's any good, and where it should fit into our crowded social-media lives.

But when everyone has an opinion, it's those with actual experience you've got to look to. And there's one man with real experience of launching a social network, who's not allied to any such network now - so can offer impartial advice. Who? Why, Tom Anderson, of course.

Don't think you know Tom Anderson? You might not know him, but you're probably his friend - or at least, you were back in 2006 or so. For Tom Anderson is the very Tom everyone was friends with when they first set up their account on MySpace. Long after he parted ways with the company, Tom this week decided to draw on his experience to offer some advice to the guys running Google+. 'I’d bet money that Vic Gundotra and Bradley Horowitz probably feel like their heads are going to explode,' he says, referring to the Google execs running the project. 'Anyone on the Google+ team who really cares about G+ is probably getting very little sleep, and are annoying their friends and family with their one-track G+ minds.'

The advice Tom offers is quite interesting, so click over to TechCrunch and have a read - and if you're on Google+, why not follow Tom and relive those crazy mid-noughties MySpace days?

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