Sacre Bleu

Zut alors! Facebook may be a useful tool for important people to communicate with us mere mortals, but it's risky as hell if it gets hacked. Combine that with the tendency of PR teams - who often run public figures' accounts - to choose weak passwords and share them around and, boom, you get impersonated quicker than you can say 'identify theft.'

This unfortunate fate befell French president Nicholas Sarkozy over the weekend. Hackers broke into his Facebook account and placed a false announcement that he was not going to run for re-election.

'I have decided in my spirit and conscience not to run for office again,' wrote 'Sarkozy'. The real Sarkozy is due for an election next year, and is in fact expected to run. Once the account was reclaimed, an official messsage was posted that said Sarkozy 'does not subscribe' to the views included. We can't help but agree that the hackers could have found something funnier to write, but we like the thought of the scare this must have given Sarkozy's staff when it was first discovered...

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