Russell Brand joins Million Mask March worldwide protest

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November 5 saw protestors in 400 cities across the globe unite in a ‘Million Mask March’ a synchronised protest against injustice, the skewed morality of corporate capitalism, government cuts, environmental destruction and surveillance. Disparate threads of discontent and a shared pool of grievances saw the symbolic Guy Fawkes day become reclaim its’ activist mantle.

Loosely organised by Anonymous but ultimately open source, protests rang out around the planet. In London, fireworks were fired ‘at’ Buckingham Palace as the police squared off against the protestors. Potential flashpoints were however kept under relative control and according to the Metropolitan Police, very few arrests were made. In Parliament Square, protestors burned energy bills, while Westminster Bridge saw a ‘Bonfire of Austerity

One message from Anonymous read, “Anonymous have changed the rules by turning this morality of petition into more of a festival of ideas and new age discussion that has formed the political views of the youth of today. Anonymous understand now that we have filled the void in the protest world that others have failed Anonymous have managed to hold on to the system of having no system which allows everyone's beliefs to join the great debate.”

“This will be common knowledge by 2013 and again that is our chance, not a chance to ask the government for change, but for one night only - a chance to create the change the world wants to see! Our goal for that evening is to make people smile, to make people laugh, and to make people believe in the idea,”

Events like this are usually underreported by the mainstream media, but with man of the moment, Russell Brand attending the London protests complete with mask, these protests found their way into the pages of almost every newspaper. Perhaps it is a shallow and rather offensive basis on which to justify coverage, but if that’s what it takes – a celeb to hang the story on – then perhaps it was just as well if the issues actually get an airing and spark a debate.

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