Royal Wedding in 3D

Hot off the back of the news that the Royal Wedding of the century (Prince William and Kate Middleton if you didn’t know) will be on Friday April 29th 2011 at Westminster Abbey, networks are already in talks to bring the ‘special day’ in three dimensions to homes.

According to reports, Sky (who already have a monopoly on 3D in the UK) and the BBC haven’t confirmed whether they will broadcast the event in 3D but they’ve been quite clear in not ruling it out. A terrestrial channel are dead-set to have full rights to wedding (we’re guessing BBC and ITV but expect every channel known to man to get in on the numpty-als) which puts Sky’s early bid as premature, if not optimistic.

Virgin Media’s Asam Ahmed backed this claim saying; ‘I’m not sure if it would secure the rights, they’re likely to go to terrestrial public service broadcasters.’

In better news, Friday 29th April has been declared a national holiday in the UK.

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