Rotten Apple?

Well, well, well. For the last year there's only been one story in tech - iPad, iPad, iPad. Well, that and the 'failure' of the various Android tablets launched to combat it.

Except - have they really failed? Sure, no one model - Motorola's Xoom, or Samsung's Galaxy Tab, for example - has sold enough to threaten the iPad's dominance. But put all those Android-powered challengers together, and it might just add up to a serious chunk of the market.

How serious? Well, according to the analysts at Strategy Analytics, Android tablets now hold 30% of the market. That might not seem like that much, but bear in mind that a year ago Android had just 3%.

And more is surely to come - Sony's tablets are launching later this year, and Google's next Android version, 'Ice Cream Sandwich', is expected to be more user-friendly than the current 'Honeycomb' version. Of course, Apple have the iPad 3 up their sleeve, so anything's possible. But while the iPad will surely remain the best-selling individual model of tablet, surely Android will end up with a majority of the market eventually in terms of software.

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