Rome Total War; the full game download

If you can't find Rome Total War full game for download then you really haven't put much effort into your search! This game is available absolutely everywhere due to it's popularity and it's always cheap. In some cases it can be purchased ofr under £5. Of course this is the version we are going to bring to you.

Rome Total War was one of 2004's games of the year. It is an RTS game where you will take on the role of a Roman family. There are really two games in one with RTW, the map based planning you will do and then the full on RTS battles.

These battles work like almost any other real time strategy game with a series of point and click actions along with a few keyboard short-cuts to initiate orders. You will be given a series of missions that you will have to complete eventually ending in a civil war. This is a great equaliser that cuts you back down to size after holding such a high power position.

While the graphics have dated significantly this was one of 2004's best looking games. You can see individuals battling to stay alive and elephants stomping all over the troops. It is still a great achievement even though it has definitely aged.

We found the Gold Edition of Rome Total War for only £3 on the Direct 2 Drive (direct2drive.com) website. This is the cheapest version of the game you will come across and being the Gold Edition it has the expansions with it.

This is so much game for £3 it would be madness to pass up on this amazing offer. Pick up the Rome Total War full game for download on Direct 2 Drive.


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