A Roger Lascelles alarm clock makes an ideal gift

If you are the type of person who loves both tradition and trends, or you are looking for the ultimate gift for a friend, you might want to consider a Roger Lascelles alarm clock.

Time has flown for the London based antique dealer who started focusing on crafting bespoke clock faces back in the mid-1980s. Nowadays, the company is the UK's biggest maker of clocks, having perfected pretty vintage and French bistro inspired looks which are all the rage - and unmistakably Lascelles.

The bedside alarm clocks come in chrome, turquoise, pink and cream and are presented in a colour-coordinated tin. As for the all important faces, there is a choice of sleek numeric or classic Roman dial, with beautiful decals including tulips, Parisian rose and dandelion fairy. A ring handle and dinky, round chrome feet complete the design of these clocks, which are around 8.5 cm high.

There is also a push-down chrome clock, which has all the features of the classic models, but with a clever, contemporary twist - the ring handle operates the alarm.

Meanwhile, the foldaway travel alarm clocks come in an elegant leather case with matching tin. There is a choice of brown leather, cream, pink, imitation crocodile and navy blue, with either a classic roman or modern numerical clock face. When opened and in use, this lovely little clock measures 6 centimetres high by 12centimetres wide.

And a new range of Roger Lascelles alarm clocks is set to be launched soon - the bedside metal 'Repro' alarm clock comes in matt black or cream with slim legs, strong roman face and modern alarm sound. It stands at around 16 centimetre high.

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