Rocking hell

When it comes to the games that rock, it’s quite clear that Rock Band has comprehensively wiped the floor with Guitar Hero and, if this latest sneaky peak video (from USA Today) into the makings of Rock Band 3 are anything to go by, Guitar Hero may as well pack up and go home. The latest version of the game is bringing some serious heat, with smart modifications that make the multiplayer touring more accessible for people who don’t have days of spare time on their hands to play the tour together, and best of all, if adding a keyboard to the mix, which looks way cool.

The difficulty levels have been reworked as well, so that by the time you get to Pro level you’re basically playing the song for yourself as you would if you were on stage yourself. Which is pretty wicked, truth be told. As well as that you can get two ‘advanced’ guitar controllers, one of which was described by Harmonix as ‘a full-sized, fully functional Fender guitar. Seriously check this video out.

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