Rock n’ rolling in it

Online ticket exchange Seatwave has released figures showing that the average price paid by fans for second-hand tickets to Led Zeppelin’s O2 concert was £7425, making it the most expensive ticket of the year for the site’s users. The site, one of a number that controversially helps people resell event tickets, released a list of its top ten events for last year, and the Zep gig topped the bill, with the Floyd Mayweather/Ricky Hatton fight a distant second on an average price of £3050.

Perhaps it’s not too surprising given that people were buying ticket stubs for £125 . The site claims it’s just fulfilling a demand, but the music industry in general (and Harvey Goldsmith in particular ) has been vocal in its opposition to what it sees as touting.

Still, if you can get tickets for anything at the O2 or a boxing match, it looks like you’ll be quids in. The ex-Millennium Dome was the venue for two other top ten events, Barbra Streisand (at number 5) and The Eagles (6), while tickets for Joe Calzaghe and Amir Khan’s big fights were 8th and 10th respectively.

(Image: from YouTube)

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