Robotics expert's fear over robot nannies

Parents could soon be leaving their children in the mechanical hands of robots leading to a generation of social misfits. It may sound like science fiction but according to robotics expert Professor Noel Sharkey, of Sheffield University, it soon could be a reality.

Speaking to Alan Partridge's favourite newspaper The Daily Mail Professor Sharkey has claimed that in the future robots could undertake childminding duties. Parents would be able to control the robot via the internet and close circuit cameras.

But the robotics boffin has questioned the impact that robot nannies could have on society asking what kind of role model a robot would be for children? This is the same Professor Sharkey who penned 'Killer military robots pose latest threat to humanity'.

While both Sony and NEC are developing childcare robots, leaving your kids with the current model of NEC's PaPeRo would be like asking the Telly Tubbies box set to look after the children while you head to the pub, so there are a few years left before society faces the melt down predicted by the good Prof.


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