Robot Rocks

Once upon a time, there were different types of gadgets, and different companies made them. There were camera companies, and PC companies, and TV and hi-fi companies, and 'white goods' (that's washing machines and dishwashers) companies.

Now, though, everything is getting blurred. It's getting harder and harder to tell if the latest phones are phones with cameras or cameras with phones, or maybe PCs with both phones and cameras... and some of the most successful cameras are being made with PC-like features by general electronics conglomerates.

Like the ever-growing Samsung. The Korean giant has carved out a huge chunk of the smartphone market with its ultra-successful Galaxy S range, and now it's turning its attention to cameras. But if your product line-up is as broad as Samsung's, why not get them to work together?

Hence the new SH100 compact camera. It's Wi-fi enabled, letting you beam your snaps wirelessly to your PC or, through DLNA streaming, to your ultra-modern Smart TV (you have one of those, don't you?). But what's really exciting is: you can use an Android phone - like, say, a Galaxy S - as a remote viewfinder.

This is brilliant. You set the camera up over the fridge, sit in your room and keep an eye on your phone, and snap your flatmate nicking your orange juice. Or, perhaps, you find a better use for it. We're assuming this function works with all Android phones, not just Samsung's, but if you're rocking an HTC or LG you might want to check before you buy. The SH100 will be out in the US in March for S199, and hopefully in Europe not long after for less than £150.

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