Roam & browse for less

We went to Stockholm a couple of months ago, and one of our friends spent the whole time looking things up on his new iPhone: restaurants, museums, bars, maps. We said to him, 'won't this cost a fortune?' and he said 'nah, I think there's a daily cap.' A few weeks after we got back, he got a bill for £150.

Mobile data is expensive enough at home, but abroad it can be plain ridiculous. So we're delighted to hear that Orange has introduced a new, much more valuesome rate for mobile data roaming - a £3/day 30MB package.

Better still, if you don't use any data you don't get charged. So you can turn this on when you head out and turn it off when you get back, safe in the knowledge you won't pay £3 for that day you climbed a big hill and didn't have any signal. But be careful - go over the 30MB each day and you'll be back to the punishing standard rate of £3 a megabyte. Ouch!

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