Rise of the Chumbies

The Chumby, a cute always-on wireless Internet device that’s been tantalising geekdom for a while now with its promise of open, tinkerable software and touch-screen convenience, has moved a step closer to falling into our eager, sweating hands. Chumby Industries has announced that the price will be $179, and it’s going to be available in black, white or brown (OK, “latte”).

What does it do? Lots and lots. You can download new widgets over the wireless network, or extend it through the two USB connections at the back. At first the highly hackable gadget will only be available to registered users, so the rest of us will have to wait for it until November or so – as long as it’s out in time for Christmas, we’ll be happy (hint, hint)…

(Image: from ericskiff’s Flickr stream)

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