Ripe new Berries

We know it's not exactly the iPhone 5, but this is big news for the large number of people who still swear by their BlackBerry. Makers Research in Motion showed off not one, not two, but a whopping three new handsets this week, in a bid to re-energise a flagging presence in the smartphone market.

And there are a few changes. For the first time, essentially all RIM's range is going to be touchscreen. The new Bold 9900, officially launched after being previewed weeks ago, adds a touchscreen to the traditional BlackBerry combo of landscape screen and QWERTY keyboard. The Torch 9810 is the sequel to last year's original Torch, and like its predecessor boasts an iPhone-like portrait touchscreen with a slide-out keyboard behind it. And the Torch 9860 is a straight, all-touch smartphone, following on the heels of the Storm from a couple of years ago. (Why it's not called the Storm 9860, we've no idea.)

And to go with the new touch-centric approach is a new operating system, BlackBerry OS 7. This comes just a year after the introduction of BlackBerry OS 6, which gives some indication of just how fast RIM are running to catch up with the likes of Apple. But will these new phones be enough? They might be. They're powerful, with 1.2GHz processors and 5-megapixel cameras that record HD video. On the other hand, OS 7 is really not that great an upgrade, and all eyes are on next year when RIM introduce a phone based on the superior QNX operating system that runs its Playbook tablet.

The new BlackBerries will be out this summer, so you can soon see for yourself if they've got what it takes.

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