We check where to find that elusive ring DET 105 transformer

As anyone who works in the lighting industry will tell you, finding transformers at reasonable prices in UK electronics stores can be a real chore. In most cases you'll get blank stares from inexperienced staff who have no idea what you're talking about, while even when they do have an understanding of the item you're after they are unlikely to carry them in stock.

This often means that you'll need to get the item specifically ordered in which can take weeks of waiting, and usually results in a cost four or five times what you expected to pay. Obviously this isn't an ideal scenario for anyone who is relying on components like these to make a living, so there's got to be a better solution out there.

After being asked by quite a few of you where we recommended to find a ring DET 105 transformer suitable for various lighting fixtures, we decided that enough was enough. With so many resources out there to find niche electronics, we were surprised that it was such a tough job to find this particular transformer.

However after countless hours we finally uncovered a couple of very reliable UK based websites that could help us out. In order to find yourself a ring DET 105 transformer at the very best prices, we recommend you point your browser in the direction of both thelightingsuperstore.co.uk and reuk.co.uk. Both sites have great deals on not only the ring DET 105, but also hundreds of other transformers.

With hundreds of items in stock at any given time, you'll rarely find yourself without that elusive part for too long, and with their excellent prices it pays to buy a couple of spares at the same time.

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