RIM unveils the BlackBerry Curve 8520

RIM, the makers of BlackBerry, are set to unveil the mass-market version of the handset beloved of corporate executives all over the globe. The BlackBerry Curve 8520, aka the Gemini, will hit the shelves in the UK next month.

The phone is expected to be available for free to punters who sign up to the £25 a month contract while pre-pay customers will be able to buy the handset for £150 making it a more affordable version of the popular mobile email device.

While the Gemini does not have full 3G coverage like RIM's other handsets, it does feature a touch sensitive keypad as opposed to the Canadian company's traditional trackball device. Irish rockers U2 have signed up to take part in a global marketing campaign for the new product as RIM look to challenge the mass appeal and success of the iPhone.

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