RIM launch the BlackBerry 8900

Research in Motion (RIM) have launched the latest version of their popular BlackBerry handset. The BlackBerry 8900 is said to be a return to form following the lukewarm response to the launch of the company's Storm handset last year.

Although it closely resembles RIM's flagship, the BlackBerry Bold 9000, the 8900 is smaller and lighter but still manages to pack in the same features as its older sibling. Accordingly, the BlackBerry 8900 features Wi-Fi, GPS as well as RIM's trademark detailed screen.

TechCrunch notes the 8900's lack of 3G connectivity, which in terms of surfing speeds renders the latest member of the BlackBerry family the poor country cousin. But, with everyone looking to downsize these days the 136g pocket sized 8900 may just be the answer.

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