Ride into the KIllzone

A sweet ten-minute gameplay video apparently taken from the Killzone 3 beta has been leaked onto YouTube, and we were there to mop it up and spread it all over the screen for you. The beta is due to be launched later this month, but you can see that already the game looks to be technically excellent: The graphics and sound are superb, and the realistic looking weather systems give a genuine feeling of absorption into the game world.

It’s a shame then, that the first five minutes of the video are taken up with the player strolling around looking at the environment as the carnage goes on elsewhere: presumably they wanted to show everything that the game has to offer, but there’s only so much looking at water ripples we can deal with. However, after the five minute mark we get to see some interesting combat, and the jetpack looks fantastic fun. What we would say though is that the gameplay looks a lot more methodical than Call of Duty or Medal of Honour; it’s something we’re a fan of but if you’re into the more smash and crash style of gameplay you might want to think about putting your money elsewhere.

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