Rewatch: snazzy new thingy

If you’ve dipped your wick in the golden waters of the iPhone of iPod Touch heaven, you may have heard of Rewatch: it's a snazzy little number soon to arrive in the App store that will allow you to download shows from BBC’s iPlayer over WiFi instead of having to watch them through streaming. Rewatch can also license its technology to other channels, which is handy (Channel 4: add 4oD right this instant), and it will be optimised for the world shattering iPad, which is double handy.

According to Electric Pig, who have spoken to Mark Newby, managing director of Camiloo, who made Rewatch, they are planning higher resolution streaming for the larger screen on the iPad and a Twitter ticker which will tell you what people are saying about what you’re watching. Which in fairness sounds a bit pointless, but at least there’ll be higher resolution, potentially turning your iPad into a mini telly and making you more of a magnet for muggers. Hooray! Take a look at the snazzy Rewatch video below.

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